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Strong values...

French Activated Charcoal was born from the desire for a world without plastic and a 100% French and ecological solution for filtering running water. We offer a wide range of activated and vegetable charcoal for all its benefits: water filter, anti-humidity, anti-odor, detox, cosmetics or even for barbecues. You will find charcoal in all its forms: stick, granules/flakes and powder; as well as several species of wood: oak, beech, bamboo, coconut. French Activated Charcoal is therefore an excellent alternative to Japanese coals such as Binchotan from Wakayama or Takesumi.


Vegetable coal

French Activated Charcoal is made in Yonne by the last artisanal charcoal carbonizer in France. mounds of earth.

Result: charcoal stamped "made in Yonne" very coveted and this in particular for its high carbon content proof of quality. Close to 90%, it is much higher than the average content of industrial and semi-industrial charcoal, which is more around 65%.
From an environmental point of view, our supplier makes it a point of honor to practice a Zero Waste circular economy. For this, he gets his supplies from local artisans or farmers. In addition, charcoal is often criticized for its environmental impact, yet it has ecological virtues, as is the case, for example, with bamboo charcoal, which purifies water while
fighting against deforestation.

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