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Supplier of activated and vegetable carbon

We are a company that produces and supplies vegetable or activated carbon, also known as activated carbon. Charcoal is a porous and adsorbent material that is used in many applications such as water treatment, air purification, absorption of bad odors, preparation of cosmetics and many more.

We offer different types of activated carbon depending on your needs such as powdered, granular, charcoal sticks or bulk activated carbon. 

charbon actif Français prêt à vendre

Are you a concept store, an organic or bulk store, a committed store  ?

Do you want to offer eco-products, organic care and charcoal to purify water?

We offer several solutions adapted to your needs and capacities.
1- Order directly by sending us an email to
2- Order via our partners Ankorstore or Make in order to benefit from many advantages.

charbon végétal français filtre à eau naturel

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